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About Innovation Research Institute
Committed to helping our clients achieve their dreams... .

Our vision is to be the premier independent source of high-value innovations and solutions. As an independent research entity with talented and experienced professional staff. Innovation Research Institute (IRI) is uniquely positioned to consistently provide high-value solutions and world-changing value to our clients.

Our strategy is to grow by building and leveraging our assets in important markets. IRI has the foundation of broad and deep knowledge, including interdisciplinary expertise, to serve clients in the most important and exciting areas of opportunity in today's world. IRI solves important problems, creates new ideas for lasting value that continues to make an impact many years after the basic research is completed, and brings innovations to the marketplace.

Our professional people possess integrity, have the passion to make a difference, use their freedom to create, share their interdisciplinary talent, focus on technical excellence, and treat others with respect. These values are the soul of our entity and drive us to work in those areas that are transforming, businesses, and people's lives.

Our mission is committed to discovery and to the application of new knowledge or innovations for businesses in private and public sectors and government in areas of leadership, management, organizational behavior, finance, marketing and customer relationshnip, optimizing business operations, global economy and environment. IRI strives to make a difference in the world through basic and applied research.
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